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The Mask Project is the largest fundraising event for the Denver Hospice.

For over 37 years, The Denver Hospice has been the leading provider of choice for end-of-life Hospice care. As a Colorado nonprofit, it exist for and with the help of the general community. They pride themselves on being experts in their field; encircling those facing advanced illness with unprecedented levels of comfort, compassion and expertise.

Glass Artists of Colorado are very proud to have created group masks for this important event.

THE MASK PROJECT 2016 - September 12 - October 9, 2016
The Mask Project Gallery and Online Auction
Viewing at The Cherry Creek Shopping Center or online at:

Member: Karol Sharpe 

Member: Laurie Bissell 

Member: Leslie Anne Bitgood 

Member: Stephanie Brown 

Member: Laurie Bartee 

Mask 1: Marjie Anderson
& Shylah McCartney  

Mask 2: Marjie Anderson
& Shylah McCartney  

Mask 3: Marjie Anderson
& Shylah McCartney 

Mask: Deb Carlson 

Mask: Maya Tsuchiya