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GAC Meeting - Sunday October 14th, 3pm 

BEADS OF COURAGE DAY - Sunday, October 14th, 2018 - 12 - 5:00PM
also Next meeting - Sunday, October 14th, 2018 3:00PM

We are going to have another Beads Of Courage Day, making glass beads for this wonderful organization. Please bring some glass to use. If you don't have any glass in rods, there will be lots of extra there for you to use. There will be mandrels and torches to use. We usually charge a $10 fee to help pay for the oxygen and propane. If a lot of people show up, then that fee will be reduced to $5. If you don't know how to make beads, or you have never been on a torch, we train. We will have lots of "teachers" there to help assist. Think of it as a "free lesson". We have gotten so many of our members on the torch and making really good beads. It"s a great social time as well as doing something really important for our community.

Bring a treat to share. Water will be provided, but if you would like to bring something else (apple cider comes to mind), please feel free to do so. Basically, there is nothing there to stop you from coming and participating, except the Broncos, and we can arrange for you to watch the game. For more information on The Beads Of Courage, please go to

I will have applications and postcards for the Echter's Show and Sale at the meeting. Come with all your questions. Echter's will start on November 1st, so we need to be ready. Also, if you participate, you must show sit at least twice during the show for a 4 hour span. Please come with your personal calendars so you can sign up at the meeting for your favorite time slots. First come, first served. I still need a volunteer to handle the volunteer work chart, take down of the show, Artist's Awards Party (which happens on Saturday, Nov. 3), and demos. If you can help set-up on Nov. 1st, please call J Bisant at 303-238-6241. She is in charge of that. I need to obtain a judge, so if you know of someone in the arts, who is good, please let me know. Give me a call if you can do any of the above tasks. Thank you.

Although we have lots of tables to use, if you have an extra table (4ft. or 6ft.), that you would like to use for your display, please feel free to bring it along. I'm sure we could find room for it and a tablecloth. This would allow other participants to spread out a little, so we don't look so jumbled up. Please note that displays also get a first place award, so think ahead and do a good job.

Hope to see a lot of you at the meeting. I am trying to get a date with Holly Morrison of Denver Glass Machinery, to go over cold working. She just has to figure out a good day for herself. Bring a treat to share and be prepared to make tons of beads for our friends and for the kids. It's such a worthwhile event.

Deborah Carlson