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Next Meeting - Sunday Jan 8th 

Mike and Sandi Penfound's studio/house - 3:00PM
Map below

Happy New Year 2023

By now, if your are a member, you have received an email from Anita reminding you that 2023 dues are due. Please pay them promptly, as we have so much in store for us this coming year, and most of the activities you must be a member to participate.

Beads of Courage 

To start off, we are trying to do at least two Beads Of Courage bead making days a year. Sandi is trying to set a time, in February, for a beginner's class in bead making on the torch. It might be worth your time to take this class if you have never made glass beads before or are new to a torch. We will send out an email announcing the class when a date has been set.

Glass Show at 40 West Gallery 

Next, we were given a glass show at the 40 West Gallery, the entire month of July. The theme is "Idioms". I will have a book, at the meeting, that will show you a ton of them. If you look it up yourself, go to American Idioms. This will be a super fun, interactive glass show.

The fire department 9aka my son-in-law) will let us blow glass outside, and we can do that on opening night, which will be a first Friday and right at the July 4th holiday.

Casa Bonita will be open then, and it will be a great opportunity for showing off glass as an art medium and our group. You must be a member to participate.


ARTMA is coming up again and I will be working with the children at Children's Hospital. We need to come up with a theme to ask the children to draw. I will also need 20 to 25 artists to reproduce these drawings into 3-D glass.

In 2022 we raised close to $20,000 for the Morgan Adams Foundation which raises money for pediatric cancer research. If you participated last year, you know what an incredible event this is.

Plus, if you would like to give something to the general ARTMA show, you are welcome to. Some suggestions were, instead of a piece of art, you can give classes.

Our group is getting really well known because of this event and art glass is getting accolades too. Let's keep this momentum going.

Of course we have the Echter's Show and Sale in November. 

2022 was our best year ever in sales, totaling over $11,000!

We need more members to participate for next year, so think about setting that time aside for the club. The artist gets back 65% of sales. You must be a member to participate.

This is our biggest fund raiser for the year.

Curtis Arts Center  

In 2024, we have been given a two month long show at the Curtis Arts Center in Greenwood Village. This will be the first time this Arts Center will have a all glass show.

The show will start at the same time Echter's starts that year, so we will have to have lots of things to sell at both places.

Curtis is allowing us to sell quality gift items as well as the pieces for the show. It's a very large space, so we need lots of glass art to super fill the place. Never too early to start working on things now.

Again, you have to be a member to participate.

Art Trips 

We are trying to plan two adventures during 2023. One will be a trip to Santa Fe and Taos with tours of the Bullseye Glass Research Center and also as many glass artists studios as we can fit in. Plus, we need to see some of the better galleries and just enjoy art. We would be driving down and back, caravan style, sharing cars. Hoping for late spring or early fall.

Also, trying to plan a trip to the Loveland Foundry. We have done this before and I have been asked to do it again. Such a fantastic place and the process parallels the same process in glass.

Don't forget the Wyoming Glass Show 

If you need more information about the show, contact Lois Rentz.

Applications are due soon and there will be a group of us going up and staying for the opening.

January Meeting 

I think we will be playing with inks at the January meeting, so dress appropriately. Inks can stain clothing. I will be inviting, to the January meeting, people from the mailing list, who expressed a desire to join our group. Please welcome them.

Hope to see you all at the January meeting. Please remember those dues and to bring a goodie to share. If you have inks you would like to share with the group, you may bring them. We all learn from each other.

Deborah Carlson


Rky Mtn Creative Art Center (home of Mike & Sandi Penfound)
1010 S Cody Street.
Lakewood, CO 80226
Meetings held in studio on N. side of home,
look for the double French doors...
click here for map