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Artma 2022 

ARTMA was a huge success. If you weren't there, you missed an incredible event. I don' know what happened in the rest of the auction, but at our table and wall, emotions were extremely high. Kids receiving their gifts and viewing their finished pieces made from their drawings. Artists meeting their kids and getting lots of hugs and happy tears.

One parent said she hadn't seen her kid smile in two years, but on that night, her grin was from one ear to the other. Heartfelt thanks from all of the parents to the artists. I was exhausted when I finally left.

The topper of the evening was an incredible video, made just about us! They are sending me a copy and I will be showing it off at the picnic. (which is on June 12 at Mike and Sandi's backyard).

I have delayed writing this newsletter because I was waiting for totals from Morgan Adams Foundation.

This group, this incredible, talented, giving group, made close to $20,000 for Pediatric Cancer Research. I couldn't be prouder. WOW!

We have been invited to do this event again in two years! Need to come up with a good theme for the kids to draw. It has turned into the favorite part of the entire auction!

I won't be at this meeting as I will be attending and assisting with demos at the Glass Art Society conference. Mike and Sandi will be in charge and promise something magical to happen! Who knows what they have up their sleeve.

We also need lots of ideas for future meetings. What would you like to learn about? What would you like a demo about? Who would you like to have talk at one of the meetings? About? Please bring all of your ideas.

Before I end this newsletter, I would like to thank all of the artists who participated in ARTMA. Without your incredible time, materials, talent, and willingness to pay it forward to such a worthwhile cause, this would never have happened. I couldn't be more proud of all of you. Thank you so much. We ARE making a difference. And, getting glass art known throughout Colorado.

Deborah Carlson

My heartfelt thanks go out to these ARTMA 2022 artists. 

Karen Harrison
Mike and Sandi Penfound
Elizabeth Page
Jacqueline McKinney
Donna Gordon
Anita Rakestraw
Laurie Bissell
Lois Rentz
Marilee Harvey
Zoe Kowalchuk
Jill Campbell
Leslie Bitgood
Maya Tsuchiya
Courtney Boyd and Nate Steinbrink
Dayle Karry
Nancy Nagel
Deborah Carlson

A peek at a few of the amazing kid art creations 

Glass Artist - Zoe Kowalchuk - PYETON - AGE 7

My heroes, EVERY NURSE & DOCTOR, help save lives every day. They help people feel better and make the world a better place.

Glass Artist - Anita Rakestraw - THE OUTCOMMER - ABRAHAM, AGE 15
THE OUTCOMMER represents the many people from other countries who have been brave enough to come to the United States to pursue a better life. My parents came here when they were in their twenties for just that reason.
The Outcommer has the power to make peoples dreams come true.

Glass Artist - Laurie Bissell - UNI GIRL - SHELBY, AGE 11
UNI GIRL is a playful healer. She is a unicorn/girl. Uni has rainbow- colored hair and blows out magic rainbow sparkles. She visits The Children's Hospital and blows sparkles on the patients to heal them.

Glass Artist - Nancy Nagel - THE FLUFFY HELPER - JESSE, AGE 4
THE FLUFFY HELPER is made out of fur. He is a mix between the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy, and Batman. He comes to hospitalized kids in the night and puts chocolate and toys under their pillows.

The Morgan Adams Project 

Morgan Adams was a little girl who died of cancer. Her Mother started the Foundation to raise awareness and funds for the support of children's cancer and research.

I asked the children in the cancer unit of Children's Hospital to draw a picture and write a story of their healing character and assign them special powers. Twenty-five children participated. We are making their drawings come alive by blowing them, or sculpting them into 3-D glass, done either in the furnace or on the torch.

As a special gift to the children, D & L Art Glass Supply and Leslie Silverman graciously opened their teaching facility and furnished all of the glass and kiln time to produce a glass tile matching the drawing of every child who participated. These will be given out either at the auction or at the hospital. Glass is non-allergenic. The Morgan Adams Foundation has also made and will give each child a special t-shirt with the project name and Glass Artists of Colorado on it. Every participating glass artist will receive the same t-shirt and a year's membership from our club.

The comments form the children are amazing, with most of them saying this was the best project they have ever done, since it gave them a chance to participate in the fund raising. They were incredibly enthusiastic and we are grateful. The artists, also expressed their gratitude with being a part of this event and being able to do something completely foreign to them. They would love to do this again. Over all, it is a win/win for everyone.

Thank you to all who participated. We are blessed to have this great glass community here in Colorado!