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Yearly Glass Show - Echter's Nov. 2024

Curits Center for the Arts

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Volunteers for Echter's Glass at the Garden Show 

We are less than ten days away from the Echter's Glass Gallery Sale and Show! If you plan on participating and haven't completed the Echter's Glass Gallery Sale and Show Application, please do so asap and send to Deborah (her address is on the form) and select your two work shifts (required). I have also attached a copy of the application form to this email along with an inventory sheet for your use.

I have attached the Latest (as of today) Echter's Glass Gallery work schedule I want to thank you to all of you for helping me get this schedule completed. I have two slots that need a couple of volunteers to fill it in, (hey guys... it IS okay to work more than two shifts!) if you wish to volunteer please call me (303-431-0824). Below is an outline of the calendar of what should happen and a few more items at the bottom of this email.

Bring your inventory sheet with you.

Echter's Inventory Sheet

Labels for Echter Glass Show 

Make sure you have your GAF ID #, to identify your products.
Tag should have:
GAF ID# (Check with Sandy if you need a number)
Inventory# (Your personal inventory number to identify your product)
Price $

Tag should have only artist's number, personal inventory number, and price. Artist's number will identify the artist. This tag will be taken off the item upon purchase, and taped to GAC sales ticket that we keep.

We will go over how to do a sale at the next meeting.

Members Shift Schedule 2023 

Contact Anita to schedule your shift!

Anita Rakestraw Email Anita Rakestraw Schedule or edit your shift.

Anita's number before the show:
303-431-0824 (landline, no texts) or if after show starts call Anita's cell phone (303) 884-1806.

Echter's Show and Sale in November. 

2022 was our best year ever in sales, totaling over $11,000!

We need more members to participate for 2024, so think about setting that time aside for the club. The artist gets back 65% of sales.

You must be a member to participate.

This is our biggest fund raiser for the year!